SalesAndGolf.com is the marriage of two things very close to our hearts – sales and golf. Why get your sales training in a sterile board room with no windows and then try to find something to fill your time between sales training sessions? Who would be motivated to do that?

Now think of a weekend where you get the ultimate sales training experience in the mornings and your afternoons are spent enjoying the great outdoors at some of the finest golf resorts in the world. You think you’d be a little more motivated for this? We think so.

Your sales training sessions are conducted by Gitomer Licensed Trainers that have been training sales teams and sales managers across the world for decades. The results companies are experiencing from these advisers is second to none. Using the tried and true methods of Jeffrey Gitomer, your sales team will not only gain valuable sales methods that are guaranteed to improve performance, but they will also improve their overall personal development and learn beneficial life lessons that will stick with them throughout their career.

The golf courses included in the SalesAndGolf.com weekends are some of the top courses in the world. From Bandon Dunes to Pebble Beach, Riviera to Sandpiper, these courses are sure to attract the most serious sales and golf fanatics and have them coming back for more.

Sales managers and business owners alike have seen huge spikes in ROI after sending their sales teams to a SalesAndGolf.com weekend. Using these sales training weekends as incentives has been the most motivating tactic, hands down, for businesses worldwide.

Join Jeff Bajorek and Justin Benton on the next SalesAndGolf.com Featured Event and finally start seeing the returns on your sales training investments.